Romance, YouTube and inspiration

If you think about it, February is an odd month to be associated with romance. In an English winter, the image of enticing, seductive lingerie is in practice more likely to be comfy PJs, a warm dressing gown and furry slippers.

It’s surprising that in the English language there are not more options for the word ‘love.’ After all, you can love your dog, love your car, or love a particular book, which has a totally different meaning to the feelings you might have for your partner, your childhood friend or your family.

Pacer Baby 22.2.20 from Oct 82 cropped 041

In the publishing world, the genre of romance has sub categories for everything from historical to paranormal, fantasy, military and suspense, and that doesn’t even touch on the erotic or the love that dare not speak its name. Although my books fall into many different categories, I’ve realised that several have an underlying link to romance with all its definitions, which include relationships, excitement, nostalgia and ardour.

‘Summer Changes, Winter Tears’ is more traditional ‘Mills and Boon’
Amazon ‘Summer Changes, Winter Tears.’

Summer changes cover pixels 850 1209 4.11.19 ebook

while ‘Listen to Love’ was inspired by song titles I remember from my youth.
Amazon ‘Listen to Love.’

Final cover Listen to Love ebook 1 Red, blue, black 3.2.20
To protect us from overload, our brains often delegate certain events to the archives, but when we least expect it, a date, a song, or a phrase can resurrect a memory as if it was yesterday.

Thanks to SweetyCat press, I’m delighted to announce that one of my books ‘ABC Destiny’ now has a YouTube presence.
‘ABC Destiny’ YouTube
This is a story centred around the complex relationship between the main characters, and how fate can intervene in life, with unexpected consequences. Love and hate can be close companions.
abc reduced size 22.9.18 Amazon ‘ABC Destiny.’

It’s a common problem with authors to face writer’s block, where a blank page and a non-functioning mind stare back at them. Thankfully, I’ve never found this a problem, partly due to a habit I developed in my previous 9-5 job. It wasn’t unusual to be given an important task via a throw-away comment when I was concentrating on something else. Scribbling a few words on a piece of paper acted as a reminder to deal with it later, and once the desk was clear of scrappy notes there was a sense of satisfaction in knowing nothing had been forgotten.

It was a habit which has proved invaluable in my second career as an author, although now they tend to be computer files with ideas for a new book or story. A comment on Facebook, a mishap at home, or something discovered during a clear-out can all inspire ‘What if?’  (Thanks to Paula Harmon for the sketch which still makes me giggle.) Through the ceiling Paula 5.2.20

Even ‘Spirit of Technology’ was inspired when my first publishers apologised that something they had sent me must have ‘got lost in the ether.’
Amazon ‘Spirit of Technology.’
Spirit of Technology 30.7.17

The topic for this blog post started out as something else entirely, but I hope you’ve enjoyed this mixture of facts and fantasies.

If you would like a short story written especially for you, comment with one or two random words below, and I’ll see what I can come up with.

Thanks for dropping by.

© ValPortelli February 2020


2 thoughts on “Romance, YouTube and inspiration

  1. Hi Val, some good stuff here. I’m so pleased Sweetycat press are pushing ABC Destiny for you. And dogs? Yes, I love them. If I didn’t Mrs H and I would soon be having a few discussions about having a pooch as her bestest companion. Naturally, I jest.
    I’m still awaiting to pass my entry exam for Sweetycat. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Take care.


    1. By coincidence, Rick, a blogger expressed interest in ‘Spirit of Technology,’ and re-reading it made me realise how much needed updating since it was first published.
      I knew you were a good-un -if not, dog houses can be very comfortable these days. 😀 This was Pacer, at about 6 weeks old, who took over the house for 17 years!
      Dare we mention the word ‘C.A.T.’ when discussing dogs? I thought I’d seen you on SC but I’ll check it out. Best of Luck, and thanks for your comments. V.


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