Links and catch-ups

A lot has been happening this week.

I was delighted to be featured as a guest on ‘Lost Books of Lockdown.’

It’s the first time I’ve done an online video so it was quite scary but Nikki Vallance was a delightful host, and I enjoyed every minute we were chatting. Shame about the ‘lockdown look’ but hopefully summer will soon be on its way. You can check it out here to learn more about my road to becoming an author, and some suggestions about what not to do.

Meanwhile, the Val’s Tales You Tube team have produced another audio story- spooky with a difference. You can listen to David and June here, and as always feel free to leave comments either on the channel itself or here on the blog.

Although health issues meant my latest book ‘Alderslay’ didn’t get the send off it deserved, the next few months I will be concentrating on writing more short stories and hopefully working on my ‘Country Boy’ book series.

Isn’t it funny how the times when you’re supposed to be taking it easy always happen when you want to DO things? Perhaps it’s Spring fever but this week I’ve been cleaning out long forgotten cupboards, dusting and re-arranging inherited videos, CDs and DVDs and discovering things long hidden in the back of dusty nooks and crannies. Have you any idea how strong spiders’ webs can be when they’ve had years to build up?

Never being one to pass up the chance of a socially distanced chat about books, add some drinks with a delightful book blogger and you’ll understand why I had a great evening as a guest with Julie on her Friday night drinks feature.

While writing this, it’s just occurred to me there are several links to take you to the things I’ve been talking about. How do you feel about links? Do you follow them? When I wrote short stories, I usually posted them in full so they were easily visible as I know it can be a pain to have to click on this, that and the other when all you want to do is read something. It’s bad enough on a laptop but I can imagine a phone must be a nightmare. To help prevent scammers, more and more often these days you have to log on, enter passwords, what you had for breakfast then jump through various hoops on different gadgets to enter one-off codes by which time you’ve been logged out due to inactivity on the site you visited while you were waiting for them to send you the required details to input.

Technology is a wonderful thing – I wouldn’t be chatting to you now without it – but I sometimes wonder if it’s reaching critical mass, and reverting to quill pens and messenger boys might actually be quicker.

If you’re in the UK you’ll know we’re having proper Summer weather at the moment -cold and raining. Oh, well, at least the ducks will be happy.

See you next week, and thanks as always for visiting.

© Val Portelli May 2021

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