Beyond the Glass Part 1

This short story was inspired by the photo as a writing prompt for a competition. I hope you enjoy my interpretation.

Mirror 31.8.16

At last. For weeks I had been waiting for an opportunity to explore behind the mirror but there had always been someone around. If it wasn’t nurse fussing with my hair it was Mama presenting me to the distinguished company to do my party piece.

I didn’t intend to deceive them but I had slept with the bed warmer against my face and they assumed I had a fever. Leaving me in bed the whole household went off to church, with only an ancient servant to take care of me.

As soon as she dozed off I hurriedly dressed and made for the forbidden room. The fact that I had been banned made it even more exciting, but up until now I had only been able to peek through the entrance.  My heart was pounding as I pushed open the door and approached the mirror that had so intrigued me from my previous clandestine visits.

Even from a distance I had realised the glass showed no reflection, and I wanted to see what was behind it. Although I was tall for my age it was still difficult to clamber up onto the high mantelpiece. I had to be careful not to disturb the clock or glass ornament, knowing that the noise would wake the servant and I would be in big trouble.

Perched precariously I gazed straight into the mirror. Although I could see the reflection of the room behind me there was no image of my own face, just a shadow. I shifted position and waved one hand, still nothing. I ran my fingers over the glass and only succeeded in leaving smears on the previously gleaming surface.

Stretching out I felt all round the edge of the frame and discovered that it was not flat against the wall as I had first thought, but rather there was a one inch gap. Feeling carefully in the cavity I met an obstruction about half way up on the right hand side.

Trying to keep my balance on the precarious perch I wriggled my fingers until eventually I heard a clunk and the mirror swung inwards.

All I could see was a dark abyss, stretching off into the distance.

Suddenly I heard voices behind me and the click of the switch as bright light illuminated the room.

“What are you doing in here?” my father’s voice berated me angrily. “I told you never to enter this room.”

Startled I tried to turn, lost my footing and fell headlong into the darkness behind the mirror.

© Voinks August 2016

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